FASST Football Academy Brader/Persa Elite Offensive Skills Camp

Your preparation for this upcoming season started YESTERDAY.  Football has become a year-round sport, and the home-stretch of your offseason starts May 18th.  At the Brader-Persa Elite Offensive Skills Camp, you will be given the blueprint and foundation to sharpening your individual skills that will ultimately lead to on-field success for you and your team. You have all heard that football is a game of inches, and that is a myth. Football is a game of millimeters. The smallest details win games. Our star-studded staff focuses on these millimeters and stress the importance of incremental improvement on a daily basis. If you are one day better, every day, over the course of the summer, imagine the change you will see in yourself at the start of training camp.  This camp will also give you a blueprint for what college coaches are looking for when you attend the recruiting camps that accompany the summer months. Get yourself recognized, stand out and make your mark at these camps.  DO NOT let this great oppurtunity to hone your skills pass you by, because the competition sure is not.
-Top flight instruction
-FASST agility demo workout
-Camp T-shirt
-1 Free trial workout at FASST
Skills learned:
QB-stance, grip, release, drops, precision passing, play action
WR- Stance and Start, Releases, Ball Skills, Precision Route Running, Mental Aspects of Elite Wr. Play
RB- Stance, Ball Handling, Pass Catching, Footwork, Blocking Technique

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