QB Drill of the Week (Opposite Shoulder Shuffle Quick Flip)

When executing this drill:

  1. Shuffle away from partner with opposite shoulder facing them
  2. On the coaches command, flip hips as fast as possible and release the ball quickly
  3. Make sure to stay balanced when you flip your hips
  4. Finish your throw

Quarterbacks can practice this drill daily and should do 3 sets of 5 repetitions

Featured Athlete Shane Simpson, Easton HS RB


Shane Simpson is a multi threat running back who is a dynamic play maker in all facets of the game.  He is an explosive receiving threat out of the backfield and displays soft hands.  As a runner and return specialist he displays elite level vision and is able to pick and slide in traffic.  Shane is being recruited by division I programs on the national level.   He is a three year starter and first player to earn the MVP of the Easton vs. Phillipsburg Thanksgiving rivalry game which is one of the top rivalries in the country.  To see Shane’s first three game highlights, click on the link below.

Click Here for Highlights

FASST Elite Week 2 Player Profiles


Shane Simpson, Easton HS RB/CB

This week’s player matchup will hopefully bring the excitement and big plays that we witnessed last year.  This year, Easton and Parkland high School both begin the year 1-0 and two of the premier players will go head to head.  Both will need to  have outstanding performances to give their team a shot at victory.

Shane Simpson, Easton High School

Height: 5-10

Weight: 175

Class of: 2015

Position(s): RB/CB

Number: 18

Shane rushed for 1,147 yards and 14 TD’s on only 138 carries.  He added another 295 yards and 3 scores on 17 receptions.  In the first game of the season, Shane rushed for 195 yards and 4 TD’s on 20 carries.  Look for him to impact the game in all three phases.  He is an excellent special teams player and can be lined up as a wide receiver.  When he plays defense, look for him to match up on Parkland’s top receiver.

Click here for highlights

Eli Redmond, Parkland High School

Eli Redmond, Parkland HS RB/CB

Eli Redmond, Parkland HS RB/CB

Height: 5-8

Weight: 170

Class of: 2014

Position(s): RB/CB

Number: 1

Eli Redmond is another dynamic player.  Last year he rushed for 1,008 yards and 12 TD’s while averaging 6.9 yards per carry.  He is an exceptional special teams performer who has several return TD’s and is Parkland’s top performer in the secondary.  He has the capability to turn the game around in a blink of an eye and has taken several interceptions to the house during his career.  A player like this will be tough to contain.

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